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  • 5 NCAA Singles Titles
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Women's Tennis Enjoys Second Day in Koh Phi Phi

Day five of the Emory University Women's Tennis team's trip to Thailand, written by senior Anna Fuhr.

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Koh Phi Phi. We woke up knowing that today would be a two-a-day workout day and so with that we embarked on our first workout of the day. Similar to yesterday we went to Long Beach to do some agility and sprint work in the sand and water. Upon completion, we all headed back to get ready for what we thought would be a beautiful beach day. Because we knew it was our last day here, we decided to head over to Loh Dalum Bay on the other side of the island. After surveying the land, we decided to go over to the beach without people, confused as to why everyone else was staying on the other side. However, within 45 minutes we were forced to abandon our thought to be perfect beach spot because the tide had rapidly come in, along with some rain, resulting in just a foot of beach left. Apparently, sometimes it's best to just follow the crowd. But still, this was no problem for the Eagles as we decided to head back and walk around the shops. It was at this point that we had the collective realization that we needed a break from the daily Pad Thai and decided to try out some Mango Sticky Rice. We were not disappointed as it was for sure the freshest mango any of us had ever had!

Before we knew it, it was time for the second workout of the day. For the second workout, we basically climbed or rather ran up the stairway to heaven with the seemingly endless number of stairs we climbed. Because of this, we all then went and got yet another traditional Thai massage. However, today we were rewarded with one of the best sunsets I've personally ever seen.

After the massages, we all went and got yet another Pad Thai (the best one yet), to finish up our time in Koh Phi Phi.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we begin our journey up to Chiang Mai via a pit stop back in Phuket!

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